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Big Mens Pantofola d'Oro Italian Shoes

Mens Large Pantofola d"Oro Italian Shoes for Men size 13, 14, and 15 have come to XLfeet. They will only be available for a limited time. As many of us with big feet have experienced there have been many times when we finally found a shoe we liked, and then it was discontinued. In this instance you can capitalize on such an occurrence. We go much more in depth about this in XLfeet Digest if you would like to learn more. If you do not happen to care and simply want a quality pair of Italian shoes, then scroll down and get a a pair today at a great value. These shoes usually retail for $130 to $180, so to have the opportunity to scoop them up at just $99.99 + shipping, you cannot go wrong.

In terms of fit, these shoes run big. The founder of XLfeet normally wears a size 16 Wide, and he has no trouble fitting into these Italian Shoes for Men in what Pantofola d"Oro has labeled as a size 15 or Italian size 48. Due to how forgiving and soft leather is in these shoes the width of his foot fits comfortably. If you have any question as to how your large size feet will fit these Italian shoes, feel free to call, and make sure to ask for Adrian.